Launch It Today

Where Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

Mission Statement

“Launch it Today”, what is the difference between creativity and innovation? Creativity is where ideas are generated; innovation is the understanding of how to implement those ideas. Through our e-learning “secret sauce formula”, start-up entrepreneurs are prepared to be the next globally skilled enterprisers for the real world.

Our Vision

“Launch it Today” serves as a pedagogical e-learning, interactive, 360 degree virtual framework. Learners are guided through all aspects of business, ensuring a profitable and successful future. Our non-siloed curriculum interconnects with “GIVE 4 R FUTURE’s”  21st Century training to meet market demands both domestically and internationally.


“Launch it Today” looks to identify and invest in long term strategic partnerships throughout the sectors in which we operate. The framework: Allocates resources; Provides culturally customized infrastructure; Works alongside successful import/export teams relevant to their market; Enhances the best proven practices; and Identifies and explores growth opportunities that maximize distribution channels. Our strategy is helping start-up entrepreneurs facilitate the transformation of their creative business idea for success that sustains families, contributes to local communities and economies for a sustainable import/export business.

Launch It Today