J. Sarah Nicol

Designing Functional System Integrations

For over 35 years, J. Sarah Nicol has been a global full-service system integrator and business brand designer. 

What we do

Our approach makes brands emotionally distinctive, sets them apart from their competitors and drives sustainable growth that meets critical demands.  

About Us

Our proven transformative strategies identify your brand’s distinctive business opportunities. We deliver:

•     Unrivaled professionals who have a lifetime of achievements;

•       Subject matter and industry experts;

•       Marketers who position brand alignment; and

•       Distributors who have connected communities with domestic and foreign markets.

J. Sarah Nicol

How do we do it

•       We look at the past for trends, respect traditional roles and how they influence markets.

•       We begin with creative ideas and proven methods for innovative implementation.

Our Philosophy

•       We partner with International long-term relationships.

•       We design the brand’s position to focus on fulfilling tomorrow’s critical voids.

•       We push the global innovation footprint.

•       We think and act differently while understanding the circular economy cycles.

•       We have extensive expertise to connect your brand to transcend cultural boundaries in order to take shape.

From New York to Shanghai

For over 35 years we have worked with leading brands such as Mohawk, Schumacher, Lennox, Town and Country, Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, London Fog, Seventeen, and Southern Living.

We have worked side-by-side with domestic and international manufacturers while implementing: design, operations, production procedures, strategic alliances and international distribution channels such as: JCPenney’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, QVC, Walmart, Target, Kmart, and HSN.

We recognized early on how to formulate those practices and methods which transcend over to virtual e-learning and global commerce. In a red ocean crowded with fish, we are a blue fish swimming freely, ready to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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