Give 4 R Future

Global Immersive Virtual Education

About Us

GIVE 4 R Future has recognized an enormous global scalable business and education opportunity in the field of environmental ecosystems for e-learning. GIVE is a mixed-reality media platform which allows for the exploration of critical environmental ecosystems and challenges. The approach is through an interface that provides enhanced information about the real world, as well as collaboration between users while co-creating together. The GIVE initiative addresses critical voids in secondary, post-secondary, work force, military and K-12 for 21st century e-learning. Unlike many education initiatives, GIVE can become self-sustaining through application to, and association with numerous international business opportunities.

How are we doing this?

In today’s world, learners need relevant information that ties them to an increasingly interconnected world. Through the integration of multiple perspectives, GIVE provides cross-cultural understanding in a shared controlled virtual interface setting. This is done by providing a secure systematic problem arena by implementing creative thinking for innovated environmental solutions. Based on an IT/AI/AR driven interface, each learner needs, and geographical positioning, are analyzed to provide optimal, personalized experience, which they can supplement with information that is most relevant to them. This information is then curated and served up to others with similar interests, creating ad-hoc affinity groups and the ability to provide authentic learning, regardless of location.

Give 4 R Future

Our mission

GIVE brings STEAM (science, technology engineering art and math) which bridges cultures and diversity of thought that fosters sustainable environmental ecosystem concepts among creative minds, through affordable, user-friendly, and mixed Augmented Reality (AR). This would include an end-to-end solution for an AR based system with intelligent suggestions, data capture, branching and curation.  The initial market is domestic education, with the understanding and secondary goal of creating direct and tangential relationships to other business verticals.

To quote Thomas L. Friedman, “Climate change is here, we want to try and think about how to manage it, to manage the unavoidable and avoid the unmanageable for these reasons”.