Art of a Business

Where Good Ideas Happen

How do we do this 

A major 21st century global shift is occurring based on discovering new sustainable ideas for a circular economy. Entrepreneurship for global enterprise challenges the 19th century paradigm training and the 20th century structure of education, institutions and corporations. Innovated businesses and schools seek ways to transform their space in e-learning with sustainable solutions. Art of a Business is designed to reach students globally and enhance their real-world training through our best proven business practices.  Through guided, state-of-the-art virtual e-learning, learners co-create within a secure, device friendly platform. Our eight principles interconnect; innovation, business, cross-culture, marketability, production, sustainability, leadership and communication skills.

“Innovation and creativity are now widely accepted as the driving forces behind business success and are the most highly prized quality in today’s leaders.” Creative confidence, 2013, Tom Kelley and David Kelly, Berkley D-School.

Art of a Business

Our Philosophy

The Art of a Business pedagogical structure is centered on transformative curricular modules by addressing critical thinking, conceptual understanding and pragmatic user interface to meet student and workforce demands to think innovatively for entrepreneurship and 21st century global demands.

This unique e-learning curriculum approach is suited for individuals at all career and knowledge levels. Through collaborative activities, individuals work in teams that leverage their individual strengths to ideate using entrepreneurial strategies.

We offer a blend of customized, engaging, and interactive learning by taking the best attributes of multiple approaches by applying them in ways that can maximize respective benefits; allowing students to learn more, in less time.

Our e-learning includes: multi-sensory, project-based case studies, video, user activities, peer projects, mentors, subject master experts, structured searches, workshop facilitators, audio, and branching.

Combined the Entities have:

·  Over 40 years in the International business sector;

·  Over 20 years in online course design and delivery sector;

·  Expertise in best practices related to cognition in online learning;

·  A track record of creating engaging, immersive online learning environments in over 100 courses at the Bachelors, Masters, and other training levels;

·  A history of completing course and training module development for higher education, vocational education, public sector, military, and corporate levels;

·  The ability to create courses ranging from simple procedural material to immersive augmented reality;

·  Knowledge of and expertise with all major LMS’s and course authoring systems;

·  Back-end skills for complex development and integration activities;

·  Mobile learning applications; and

·  High end designers that can maximize the aesthetic appeal of material.

Core Assumptions and Paradigmatic Alignment:

As technology advances, the world becomes increasingly connected. While countless businesses have been built to take advantage of this connectiveness, the same cannot be said for education. With the exception of high-profile pilot programs and stand-alone efforts on the part of dedicated teachers, education remains largely an insular enterprise. Global innovation through 360-degree education is an initiative intended to close this gap and provide diverse pathways for learning across borders, through immersive technologies and social learning technologies.

Our team consists of creators and implementors of e-learning content that forms dynamic, responsive processes where students become: culturally intelligent and empathic role models, preparing them for strategic business challenges, cultural differences and backgrounds. Unlike many highly theoretical programs that leave students guessing as to effective implementation, these courses introduce clear basic steps to implement innovation thinking with best proven practices to accommodate the ever-changing market.